Home Maintenance

Periodic & Timely maintenance of Home or Property is a very important aspect of owning a property. Many people seldom realize that bad or poor maintenance of Home, Home Utilities or Property can erode the value of a Home very quickly. So it is very essential for any home owner to ensure his property is well maintained.

Some of the key aspects of Home Maintenance activities are listed below.

Plumbing Services

One of the most common & recurring home maintenance activity. Plumbing services has been around for so many decades now. But we cannot feel the need for one unless we are faced with problems. These days it is very difficult to find a reliable plumber as most of the time, as plumbers will work with the contractors thus they don’t directly interact with homeowners. We have experienced teams of plumbers who can attend to your plumbing problem.

Electrical Services

As the property gets used regularly or as it gets aged we start seeing problems with Switches getting worn out or need to upgrade the existing switch boxes or adding extra plug points or renovating the old Circuit breakers to newer ones or adding additional equipment like Washing machine, Air conditioner which will need upgraded wiring etc. We at PropertyChennai will help you with selection of latest accessories , providing the right suggestion of electrical upgrades and ensuring safe connectivity through out the property.


Painting forms a very integral part of Home Maintenance and upkeeping. Painting is done for both wall protection and aesthetic reasons. It is advised to repaint the house or flat every 5 years. There are always professional painting contractors ready to help you with your project. Our expert services here at
www.propertychennai.com can be yours anytime you need us.


Carpentry nowadays has entered into the machine world where carpenters use machines to design and build an item. It’s a term associated more with wooden items, furniture, and decors. Having the best-designed furniture at your home can brighten up the mood of the room every time you enter. It’s therefore very important to have a well experienced and efficient carpenter to design and build your furniture. We can help design & make excellent doors , windows, and all other furniture works.

Pest Control

One of the most important reasons why pest control is needed is because of health. Pests can bring diseases that can be quite serious. One of the most serious epidemics, the bubonic plague which caused millions of death in the World in Medieval times came from rats and other rodent pests. Cockroaches and other pests can also carry germs into their body.