We will be visiting your property based on the selected visit frequency and check the status of your property, encroachments or any authorized entry. This service will keep you posted on any potential problem and we will notify you upon any sign of encroachment to the property. There are additional array of services offered by us such as fencing or name board set-up at very reasonable prices which further avoids potential trouble makers and trespassers. We ensure further security of your property by providing encumbrance certificates.
As soon as this comes to our attention, we will escalate it to you immediately with details. We may also suggest options to address that issue. You can use the legal firm recommended by us or we will get you the list of legal services to choose one from the list or any other legal support separately available to you to tackle the problem.
We are bound by the laws of the land. We do not use any political clout to resolve issues.


We need to ensure the ownership of the property. We let you know the details after signing up with us. In some cases, if your property requires permission to access, we need your authorization letter. We will seek those information on need basis.
Yes. We will accommodate your request based on your convenience. Either we will visit them to collect those information or they can provide us at our Chennai office.
You can determine the frequency while enrolling for the service.


After each visit, we will upload the report for your property. You can access your property reports on our website using your login credentials. So, with us your are not too far from your property.
It depends on the package you have opted to buy. You will get the neighbourhood reports such as the educational institutions, entertainment centers, hospitals, shopping, transportations, updated current government rate, market value and digital pictures.
Yes. You can purchase Encumbrance Certificate service with us to verify the ownership of the property. This would require a copy of sale deed of the property.


Yes. You can purchase Patta/Khata service with us to apply for this service. This would require copy of sale deed document or other documents depending on the state and the local offices.
Yes. This is one of our array of additional service. We would get you the quotes from multiple vendors for your property. Upon your selection and the confirmation of the payment, we will initiate the service. This service mandates ownership verification.
Yes. We do this service. This would require either a copy of your previous property bill or a copy of the sales deed.


Yes. We assess the property from your (buyer) perspective by understanding your expectations and providing the pros and cons, the current market value, neighbourhood information etc.,
Yes. We provide a very professional unbiased report on the current state of your property. We will let you know the pros and cons.
We do not really keep any information unless otherwise absolutely necessary. Your information is protected and it is accessible only to the field manager who is managing the property. Our field manager’s and field rep’s selection process is very rigorous. They are very reliable and trustworthy. The field reps would access your property info only through the Ids and we keep shuffling the field reps to different properties.