What can I Build?

Many who have lands would have sigmaessays.com purchased a years back as an investment of are future development, now the rules might have changed in order to know what can I build, you can approach us. To illustrate further on this service _________ , you might have purchased a land with put knowing weather it falls in industrial, residential, mix residential, recreational zones., but when you attempt I the to sell or develop, the zonal classification may be a hindrance on your required development. It is advisable to consult professionals like us and get advance information regarding the possible nature of development in your land.

You might have purchased the part of some times back or recently with an intention of building a residential house.

To your surprise when you approach the authorities your proposal may be turned down.stating that you can not build residence as the land is earmarked for some other purposes like school park light industries etc.

It is also better to find out before purchasing to know from the authorities of from a professional as to what can be built on your land . Or even assuming you have already purchased it is not even to late to consult e authorities and if out what exactly can be built on your land.if the usage is different than  what you have on mind you can take an early decision whether to retain or dispose. Residential lands normally have much demand and prices area also more, early decision will save you a lot.

In property chennai we can advise you exactly what you can build on your land and help you take a decision.

How much can I build?

We have one across many land owners thinking that they can build more FSI, Multi storied buildings in their land.

In every development the government has stipulated the maximum area that can be built.

After leaving open spaces in the front sides rear, all these depend on the road width plot size zonal classification of your area and the type of building your purpose.

The real estate brokers might mislead you in purchasing a property assuring you that you in built higher area or a different building.

We in propertychennai can calculate before land how much exactly / approximately build on your land and avoid all ambiguities.

Some times you can me mislead by your neighbors building. please note the your neighbors building may be of different size.

How much will it cost?

before any construction is attempted it is advisable to know the probable cost of the project. it is quite common now a days that when you seek a quotation from the contractor for fear of losing the contract may quote less initially in order to grab the contract and them quote higher in the pretext of mentioning the he has not anticipated certain items or may say that certain items are out of the preview of earlier scope.

There is a possibility of not selecting a better contractor theessayclub.com because of the owner not knowing the approximate cost initially.

Is my contractor constructing as per Specification?

Many people give contracts through their known sources and their friends, relatives, etc. during the middle of the contract work execution contractors may try to deviate and do substandard work or the owners being ignorant may feel that the contractor is doing substandard work. Direct discussions may some times lead to arguments and may ultimately end up with strained relationships and the quality of work also may suffer.

To avoid such situations we have our own professionals who will inspect the site and furnish unbiased report regarding the quality of the construction, progress of work and likely completion etc.

How much I can sell my Flat / Plot / Villa / Independent House?

When one wants to dispose of his property, he has to decide about the price that he can quote and the price on which he can close the deal.

“First impression is the best impression” the quoted price of a property while selling should be reasonable fair and comparable with the market value and can have a reasonable cushion for bargaining, if the price quoted is very high the purchaser may not be interested in either to see the property or on further discussion, it is very important to make the purchaser to see the property first and if quoted very high one may lose the chances of getting a prospective purchaser.

We in propertychennai have qualified market experienced professionals to guide you in fixing the reasonable value.

Certification by Govt approved valuers / Chartered Engineers?

We have a team of govt approved valuers in our panel certification by a non qualified professional may be disputed at some times but certification by govt approved valuers have less chances of being disputed. So, all our certificates are signed by approved professionals like, chartered engineers, licensed surveyors, approved valuer, etc.

Is the flat I am purchasing is as per rule?

The flat you purchase may not be an approved one or may have deviations different nature like deviations in set backs, deviations in number of kitchen, floor deviations, are the plan might have an expired, or in certain cases for example multi storied building clearances and approvals need to be obtained from various agencies like pollution control board, airport authority, traffic, environmental clearances, fire, metro water, etc., the purchasers may not be aware of all the clearances.

We in propertychennai, we will guide you on the above subject.

Is built up area charged by builder contractor is correct / as per standard practice?

In Chennai the standard practice followed by the builders is to charge on the super built up area, the super built up area is includes carpet area + area occupied by walls + area occupied by Staircases, head rooms, etc. which are called common areas, many agreements are silent on the extent of carpet area, wall thickness, and common areas, when a purchaser initially buy a flats, he is attracted by the location, design or may be willing to buy because his / her close friends, relatives live in the same complex.


Falling for superfluous aspects?

In order to promote their offers, some builders often offer additional rewards to purchasing homes in their projects. Gold coins, vehicles, free interior design, free modular kitchens are some such offers. Such offers are often meant to disguise some serious issues that may not be apparent. At times, in order to make the project more appealing, builders mention the super built up area rather than the actual carpet area. Details like these need to be clarified before deciding to invest in a home.

Is there any deviation with respect to approval plan?

Many building constructed are in deviation to the sanction plan, there are possibilities that your building can be locked and sealed due to deviations in the approval plan, you can verify. Locked and sealed buildings in Chennai in the CMDA website. We wish your building does not meet that situation and to avoid such condition please consult us for expert advice on approval plans,

– As part of efforts to curb the unauthorized / deviated constructions in Chennai Metropolitan Area, CMDA has Locked and Sealed an unauthorized construction at Door No.150/62, Greams Road, Thousand Lights, Chennai-600 006 as per the provisions of section 56 & 57 of Tamil Nadu Town & Country Planning Act 1971. The owner of the building had obtained approval from Corporation of Chennai  for the construction of Ground Floor + First  Floor (part) for Cottage Industries (Tailoring Hall)  building. Whereas the building was constructed as    2 Blocks of commercial use building wherein one block consisting Ground Floor + First Floor + 2nd Floor (part) (A/C Sheet) for office use and another Block consisting of Ground Floor for Hotel purpose.  Since the construction was made in contravention to the approval obtained, Locking & Sealing and Demolition Notice were issued on 05.10.2015. But the owner of the building didn’t comply with the notice issued.  Hence, the  entire building was Locked and Sealed on 28.01.2016 at 9.00 AM.


Is the flat I am proposing to buy has any defects?

When buy anew building probably it should have been painted recently and defects covered with the paint, the defects can be some time visible by cracks, improper slopes made in the bathrooms, toilets, terrace, balcony’s, etc., which if not attended immediately may lead to water stagnation in some places and consequent damage to a concrete reinforcement and repair of these at a later dates may be costlier and in some time repair may cost more than the original cost.

Defects can also be noticed in doors, windows, sanitary fixture, paints, floorings, etc., in order to avoid once the building is occupied the repair works may not be easily undertaken when people are residing, so it’s always advisable to know the defects before hand and take remedial measures and good financial decision

Propertychennai.com have a team of qualified engineers to undertake these jobs on behalf of you.

Plan for the new building purpose?

We have team of engineers, architect, and licensed survey ours who will assist you in making a plan of your choice and getting them sanction.

I need a tentative plan for my plot.

We have qualified architects and engineers who can make a tentative building plan for you.

I need an estimate for my building?

Cost estimate based on the present labour and material cost, specification, location of the property whether it is low laying, any filling to be done, type of foundation to be put, etc., will be considered and an estimate will be given by our engineers.